About PACB

The Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers (PACB) exclusively represents the interests of the more than 100 community banks chartered in the Commonwealth. Our mission is focused; to preserve, promote and protect the community banking industry and the men and women who work to make the financial dreams of their communities and neighbors become realities.

Regardless of size or geographic region, PACB members share a resilient commitment to investing time, personnel and financial resources into every facet of their local communities. They positively impact personal and business futures utilizing honed financial service skills, encompassed by extraordinary human compassion.

PACB believes that the community banking industry is uniquely equipped to make a difference to every “Main Street” community in the Commonwealth. Laser-focus on keeping their communities and neighbors top-of-mind, community banks continue to invest in the Commonwealth one small business…new home…college loan, and economic development project at a time.

PACB Mission Statement

  • To promote the ideals of community banking by addressing the educational, legislative and networking needs of our members.

Our Goals

  • To promote principles of community banking, that is, the local management and reinvestment of deposits back into the community.
  • To represent the interests of the members while assisting them in serving their shareholders, customers and employees.

The PACB Value Proposition

The Association’s name is the “Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers.” Membership is by institution, however, it is the bankers who work within these institutions that are the “heart and soul” of the Association.

PACB promotes a sense of family, community, friendship, networking and professionalism among the membership. The primary reason for being involved in the Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers is our emphasis upon banking as a profession, not purely a business.

One of the enduring characteristics of community bankers is that their passion for banking extends far beyond the profit-making marketplace. They are committed to the financial and social betterment of their customers, neighbors and communities. Community bankers are involved where they live and work through personal financial commitment, volunteerism, economic development and non-profit service.

Community banks and their teams’ dedication to the betterment of their local communities, serve as the economic engine in all reaches of the Commonwealth. Community bankers differentiate through their understanding of local needs and the commitment to bettering the communities that they serve. PACB is committed to supporting their efforts and highlighting the importance of Community Banks to Pennsylvania’s citizens and economy.

  • Respected and experienced advocacy for the specific needs of the community banking industry;
  • One member, one vote;
  • Professional, experienced and respected staff;
  • Member outreach and networking;
  • Membership aggregation – strength in numbers;
  • Outstanding educational programming and annual convention offerings;
  • Access to industry providers and their expertise

The Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers continually plays an important role in shaping the future of the financial services industry in Pennsylvania. Membership provides access to effective programs and services emphasizing legislative and regulatory affairs, diverse educational curriculum and delivery and industry focused communications, all of which have a unique orientation for the community banker.

Community banking continually changes. At every turn, community banks in every corner of the state are prospering! The Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers works hard to provide our members with the means for success, growth, and vision to be progressive financial institutions now and for the future!