Information About Community Banks

Who Does the Community Bank Serve?

Community banks serve friends, neighbors, local business owners and those who work to make your community a great place to be. Because community banks are locally owned and operated, they do well when their communities thrive. Your community bank owes its success–and its allegiance–to local customers, and the community they serve . To the community banker, business isn’t just credit lines and good collateral; it’s the people and their future. In hundreds of towns and municipalities across the state, the hometown community bank serves as the economic focal point. These communities are able to maintain and guide their own destinies through the support and dedication of their own community banks.

What’s So Special About a Community Bank?

You know the owners and shareholders of your community bank. You know the lenders, managers and tellers in the branches. You know them because they live, volunteer, coach, mentor and support your community. They are accessible to you and want to connect with their local customers. Decisions and policies are not made by a nameless “board” or handed down by bank officers hundreds or thousands of miles away; decisions are made by your neighbors, friends and local business owners. Community banker evaluate decisions based on what he/she sees happening to the people they knows and care about, not solely on computer printouts, credit scores and trends reported in financial news.

Community banks keep dollars earned at home, spent at home, and banked at home into investments which nourish the community and improve the lives of its people.