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FIRSTPAC is the only political action committee exclusively representing community banks in Pennsylvania.

FIRSTPAC is community banking’s voice. FIRSTPAC is the only political action committee that exclusively represents community banks in Pennsylvania. Collectively, our community banks employ tens of thousands of employees across Pennsylvania. Your contribution to FIRSTPAC allows us to pool our resources so that we may speak as one formidable advocate for community banking and your customers.

Community banks serve as the economic lifelines of their communities. Your contribution to FIRSTPAC allows us to educate lawmakers and support state elected officials and candidates who recognize and appreciate your value in communities across Pennsylvania, and who share your like-minded principles of promoting economic growth and cutting the regulations that impede that growth.

Besides advocating for proactive policies that strengthen community banking, PACB must maintain constant vigilance and respond to further government regulation that may impede the flow of capital and credit, imposes unfair regulatory burdens, or imposes new taxes on banking services, thus increasing our costs and further inconveniencing our customers. Years and years of government regulation and unfair competition from other entities pose a challenge to the continued survival of community banking. A strong FIRSTPAC and PACB is our response to these challenges.

We support a legislature that recognizes the strengths and importance of crafting policies that support hometown banking and candidates who oppose the policies that threaten our ability to thrive and survive.

Finally, those who choose to contribute to FIRSTPAC have the foresight to know that the safety and soundness of the community banking industry doesn’t stop at their own doorsteps. They stand in solidarity with their community banking colleagues to fight for the preservation of community banks, so that they will live on to serve families and communities for years to come.

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