FIRSTPAC is the only political action committee exclusively representing community banks in Pennsylvania.

Collectively, our community banks employ thousands of employees, and each employee should consider being a part of the political process, which includes contributing to FIRSTPAC.Community banking is about serving and reinvesting in our communities. Years and years of government regulation and unfair competition from other entities pose a challenge to the continued survival of community banking. A strong FIRSTPAC and PACB is our response to these challenges.

FIRSTPAC and PACB provide community bankers with the opportunity to develop relationships and access to key state lawmakers to ensure our point of view is heard and considered. Unquestionably, this makes for a stronger community banking industry.

Besides advocating for proactive policies that strengthen community banking, PACB must maintain constant vigilance and respond to further government regulation that may impede the flow of capital and credit, interfere with the marketplace by imposing limits on bank service fees, or impose new taxes on banking services, thus increasing our costs and further inconveniencing our customers.

Through PACB’s political action committee, FIRSTPAC, we ensure that community bankers are heard at the state level by supporting candidates who advocate for the free enterprise system and all that community banking represents. We support a legislature that recognizes the strengths and importance of crafting policies that support hometown banking and candidates who oppose those policies that threaten our ability to thrive and survive.  FIRSTPAC brochure and contribution form (PDF)

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FIRSTPAC Filing Information

If you desire to see specific information on FIRSTPAC reports filed with the Department of State, please use this link. At the Department of State’s site, please type in “FIRSTPAC”.  Should you have questions about FIRSTPAC and its purpose, please do not hesitate to call PACB’s staff.