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Riding For Dodd-Frank Regulatory Relief

What Is Rolling For Repeal?

Pennsylvania’s Community Banks are responding to urgent concerns about bank regulations on bank customers and consumers. The Rolling for Repeal motorcycle tour highlights the crippling costs Pennsylvania communities and consumers pay because of Dodd-Frank legislation (The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009) signed into law by President Obama.

Why Are We Rolling For Repeal?

Pennsylvania cannot afford to lose one more community bank due to misguided regulations. The intent of the 2,300 page “Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” was to reign in the risky, unethical practices of our nation’s largest financial institutions. FDIC statistics will prove that over the past 8 years the largest financial services companies (those over 1 trillion in assets) grew larger, which can easily be interpreted as posing a greater risk to our nation’s economy. The regulations have significantly strained Pennsylvania’s community banks by introducing an environment that forces mergers and threatens consumer options. Dodd-Frank has become a political litmus test to the two political parties in Washington, DC, but on Main Streets across America, the aftermath is fewer community banks and fewer consumer choices.

Where Is Rolling For Repeal Going?

July 2018: Erie, PA

July 2018: Pittsburgh, PA

Where Has Rolling For Repeal Been?

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How Can You Schedule A Rolling For Repeal Stop In Your Hometown?

PACB hopes to reach as many community banks as possible before PACB Convention 2018. If you would like to add your community bank as a stop on the Rolling For Repeal tour, please contact Jena Wolgemuth by phone at 717.231.7447 or by email at

Every stop we make on the tour helps to ensure that your community bank will survive, thrive, and be there to assist your community in Keeping The Lights On In Our Hometown.


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