Rep. Eric Nelson
Banking On Safety In Numbers Pennsylvania State Rep. Eric Nelson (R-57), his wife Susan, and their six kids often trade a brief but insightful mantra with each other: “You be you.” This ode to authenticity has served them well. HeRead More
GROW Award Winners 2017
The 2017 GROW Award winners exemplify the importance of community banks. These projects and stories are just a taste of what our members are constantly doing to ensure the success of the communities in which they serve. Community banks help to grow their communities in more ways then we’ll ever know, and for that, we thank you! Read More
Making A Name For Themselves
Indiana First Bank Transitions to InFirst Bank What’s in a name? A “bankable” bank name should embody an organization’s identity and goals, plus help drive a strategical and focused marketing campaign. It should encapsulate a bank’s character in one orRead More
Here’s the Plan…
Whether we are coaching a football team, booking a vacation, launching a business, or eyeing retirement, we need a plan. Never is this need more urgent than now, in an industry buffeted by an unpredictable economy, increased competition, a swampRead More
Fleetwood Bank: A Tale of Three Presidents
Great presidents shape, and are shaped by, the times. Through the years, Pennsylvania’s community bank presidents have been thrust into a larger universe of economic, political and social tumult and have often emerged as the steadying hand for customers andRead More
It Takes Lou…
Lou Barletta burst onto the political scene in 2000 after he was elected mayor of Hazleton, a down-on-its-luck, melting-pot of a city in northeastern Pennsylvania. In the blink of an eye, he was catapulted from a small-city mayor in LuzerneRead More
A Bankers’ Bank Becomes Bigger and Better
“We get talent and scale from mergers,” said health care CEO Angela Braly. And Roger Altman, former American investment banker, said, “Mergers generate substantial synergies.” Both business leaders could be speaking about the merger of Camp Hill, PA–based Atlantic CommunityRead More


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