Marketing Conference 2019 @ Hershey Lodge & Convention Center
Oct 7 @ 8:30 am – 11:15 am

Monday, October 7, 2019 – Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Hershey Lodge & Convention Center
325 University Drive, Hershey, PA 17033



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CEOs, Marketing Officers & Managers, Retail Officers, Social Media Managers, all involved in Marketing Strategy and Development.


This course will provide up to 7 hours of continuing education credit for CPA’s. PACB is an approved provider of the PA State Board of Accountancy.


The PACB has reserved a block of rooms for this conference. To make your reservations, please call the Hershey Lodge 855.729.3108 and ask for the room block for the PA Association of Community Bankers Marketing Conference. Alternatively, guests may make reservation online at

The cut off date for the room block is Friday, October 4, 2019 so make your reservations today!


Day 1 • Monday • October 7, 2019


8:45am: How Community Banks Win at Marketing
Presented by: Jim Gillen, Director of Business Development, Financial Institutions, Lightstream
Most banks today compete in an overbanked market, and most times against much larger institutions who have very large marketing budgets. Can they compete and develop a successful marketing strategy? We’ll show you how to develop a cohesive message that can resonate with the target audience through telling the right story to the right people, both internally and externally!

9:45am: Getting in the Game: Aligning Marketing and Execution for Growth
Presented by: Neil Stanley, CEO/Founder, The CorePoint
As an industry, we spend vast amounts of money, not to mention time and internal resources, to market our institutions—to get them to choose us. We brand. We market. The role of the marketing professional is to get consumers—the team captains—to pick our bank first. For this to be most effective, however, there must be alignment between marketing and execution. Building true alignment between marketing and execution depends on four factors: product knowledge, customer service, accountability and incentives. Join us as we figure out how to keep your bank from being left on the sideline.

Key points to be covered:
• Overview of key industry trends
• Best practices for building true alignment between marketing and execution
• Proven strategies for expanding your customer base


11:00am: Leadership in a Media-Driven World
Presented by: Dr. Jeffrey D. McCausland, Founder & CEO, Diamond6 Leadership & Strategy, LLC
Perception is reality. – Lee Atwater
Successful leaders are constantly striving to find innovative ways to “leverage” the media to communicate their vision, broaden the organization’s reach, and enhance (or preserve) their reputation. As a leader and marketing professional you must recognize that you and your organization could come under the media’s microscope at any moment – be it the hiring of a controversial CEO, financial crisis, the leak of sensitive information, a tragic accident, or an inadvertent “tweet”! Every organization will face some kind of “press” at one point or another – positive AND negative. At those critical moments in the life of any organization it is important to realize that the perceptions portrayed by the media are, in fact, reality. The big question is…. are you ready for that reality?

Learning Objectives:
• Learn to deal with the media to avoid misconceptions and misinterpretations
• Understand to present your organization’s message using the various media outlets – during day to day operations AND crisis situations
• Discuss to “join forces” with the media to create a positive and beneficial relationship

12:00pm: LUNCHEON

1:15pm: Winning with Customer Data
Presented by: Shelly Swanson, National Account Executive, Main Street, Inc.
Sifting through deposit and loan customer data can be overwhelming and confusing as to how to use it for valuable insights. We’ll walk through examples on how to take retail customer data and transform it into insights and actionable solutions for growth. You’ll be encouraged to rethink how to optimize customer data in a way that makes sense for your institution.


2:20pm: Branches vs. Digital – Where is your retail delivery sweet spot
Presented by: Bob Reggiannini, Senior Manager, Crowe LLP & Tom Grotte, Manager Director, Crowe LLP
Branch traffic is decreasing and new digital banking competitors are becoming increasingly viable in financial services. For customers, however, physical branches and digital banking is not an either/or choice. They want the benefits of having both digital and person-to-person banking. For community banks finding the right strategy and combination of delivery for branches and digital is critical to success. During this presentation, Crowe experts will share their perspective on the sweet spot for delivering value to customers through a combination of digital and physical branches. They will review key trends and opportunities in digital banking technology, and will also describe operating models for keeping branches relevant.



Day 2 • Tuesday • October 8, 2019


9:00am: Reaching the Small Business Community…Marketing Strategies that Engage and Motivate Business Owners
Presented by: Sarah Barr (invited), Owner, Konhaus Marketing

10:00am: Was My Communication Received?
Presented by: Patricia Howard, Sr. Public Relations Specialist, SHAZAM
Measure twice and cut once. Sound advice and it works in the communication world, too. Chances are you’re using multiple communication channels to tell your story. From web content, blogs and social media — how do you learn what’s successful, what isn’t and what should be improved? This session will review measurement techniques, provide tips for improving social media reach and engagement for your financial institution and ways to use these metrics to justify your budget to leadership.


Maximizing Mutuality Conference 2019 @ The Hotel Hershey
Nov 4 @ 8:30 am – Nov 5 @ 11:15 am

Monday, November 4, 2019 – Tuesday, November 5, 2019
The Hotel Hershey
100 Hotel Road, Hershey, PA 17033



To review program details and register by mail, please download the REGISTRATION BROCHURE

To register online, please complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM


This conference is designed for Mutual Charter CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Directors and other senior management.


Bring a NextGen Mutual Banking Leader along to this important Conference. Let them learn from experts and network with colleagues in an interactive educational environment. This experience will help them grow and be a stronger member of your bank’s team. NextGen mutual bank leaders receive $100 discount on the registration fee.


Seven (7) hours of CPE will be offered for this conference. CLE has been applied for and final Information from PBI will be provided online when received.


The PACB is holding a block of rooms for the Maximizing Mutuality Conference at The Hotel Hershey. You may register online at or call the hotel directly at 855.729.3108. When calling, please ask for the room block for the PACB Mutuality Conference.

The cut off date for the room block is Friday, October 4, 2019 so make your reservations today!


Day 1 • Monday • November 4, 2019

8:30am: Registration/Coffee

8:45am: Welcome/Opening Remarks

9:00am: Maximizing Mutuality…Be Something Special – A Redux
Presented by: Daniel P. Weitzel, Esquire, Locke Lord
There are numerous ways in which to separate mutual banks from the crowded field of financial institutions; longevity, community focus, ownership, pedigree and commitment. This session will discuss ideas for cooperation and collaboration with one another, either through formal partnering or sharing of products and services. We will also discuss real world examples of how mutual banks have succeeded in leveraging their mutual form to their advantage.

10:30am: Refreshment Break & Networking

10:45am: Developing a Foundational Digital Strategy
Presented by: Sundeep Kapur, Digital Credence
Digital strategy today is built around enhancing the consumer experience. Digital is our biggest branch and we need to empower this branch to serve existing consumers, attract new consumers, and also support our other channels. The “digital branch manager” is akin to the head of e-commerce in the retail world. This branch manager needs to be empowered (and mentored) to run this channel like a true dot com.

Many digital transformation projects start with a focus on the consumer but do very little to assist employees. We need to conduct a back-end digital transformation (enhance the financial supply chain) with a focus to assist employees to become more efficient. From simplifying information access to intuitive/auto-decisioning systems – there is a lot of room for improvement.

With a correct digital foundation, we can scale to grow and serve consumers well. This session will discuss ideal practices including pitfalls to avoid and lessons learned. 60 minutes of accelerated learning to enhance and help you build a foundational digital strategy.

12:00pm: Luncheon

1:00pm: The Feeling’s Mutual – How Can Pennsylvania Mutual Banks Boost Their Brand
Presented by: Jim Gillen, LIGHTSTREAM
Growing market share today calls for well-crafted messaging and the right marketing channels, especially when it comes to brand messaging that attempts to translate being a mutual institution into real-life customer benefits.

We will discuss how mutuality serves as a significant asset, and should be part of an overarching message that explains your passion for helping the local community grow and thrive. Mutuality is more than a mantra – it is part of your institutional DNA.

Can mutuality alone drive your marketing? Probably not, but it can be used to enhance your overall brand. We will discuss how a comprehensive plan that leverages the right marketing channels and your strengths as a mutual institution, will better communicate the value you bring to customers and communities.

2:30pm: Corporate Governance Hot Buttons in Today’s Regulatory Environment
Presented by: Eric Luse, Luse Gorman, PC
The session will review the responsibilities of Trustees/Directors in today’s regulatory environment with a particular emphasis on regulatory expectations based on Luse Gorman’s experience. Accordingly, this is not the usual “directors’ fiduciary duties under the law”; but rather what regulators expect as a matter of practice. Another way to say it is that “directors don’t want a recitation of the law…directors want to know what practices will keep them out of trouble with the regulators”.

3:30pm: Legislative and Regulatory Update
Presenter TBD

4:30pm Adjournment

6:00pm: Networking Reception

7:00pm: Dinner

Day 2 • Tuesday • November 5, 2019

8:30am: Buffet Breakfast

9:00am: Cyber Security: Why the Dark Web Should be Your Guide
Presented by: Jeremy Burris CISA, CISSP, MCP, L | PT, CPTS, C|EH, ECSA, CICP Security+, S.R. Snodgrass, P.C.
This session will discuss – What is the Dark Web and what do we need to know about it. How can we use Dark Web information as a guide to a successful cybersecurity plan? Mr. Burris will also discuss some trending threats, weakest links and cybersecurity regulatory focuses.

10:15am: Mutual Institution Participation in Consolidation – Components of Future Success and Strategic Alternatives
Presented by: Richard B. Trauger, Jr., The Kafafian Group, Inc.
This session will review how mutuals have participated in the consolidation of the banking industry, including: upstream, downstream, and mergers of equals; merger consideration; legal and accounting issues; and case study examples. Subject matter discussed will include: State of the Industry, Important Components of Future Success, Industry and Branch Consolidation, State of Mutuals, Strategic Alternatives, Key Stakeholders.

11:15am: Adjournment


Daniel P. Weitzel, Esquire
Locke Lord
Daniel P. Weitzel represents banks before the federal bank regulatory agencies as well as the many state banking departments. This representation is regarding both transactional and regulatory compliance matters. Daniel also represents clients in corporate and securities law, focusing on mergers and acquisitions and other corporate reorganizations, private placements of both debt and equity and general corporate business planning and counseling. Dan has represented companies and individuals in numerous instances relating to corporate control issues and financial transactions. He has also represented investment banks and other entities in acquisition, divestiture and capital raising transactions.

Jeremy Burris CISA, CISSP, MCP, L | PT, CPTS, C|EH, ECSA, CICP Security+
Principal, S.R. Snodgrass, P.C.
Jeremy has over 15 years of information systems audit and controls involvement. His main focus at Snodgrass is network attack and penetration testing. He has had extensive training in this area, holds four certifications in the area, as well as a license which very few penetration testers hold. This gives a unique security focused approach to all of the work that Jeremy performs. His technical experience includes proficiency in Microsoft Windows server and desktop environments; various versions of Linux, Kirchman Bankway Financial application; network security; and data analysis.

Jim Gillen
Director of Business Development Financial Institutions Group, LIGHTSTREAM
Jim joined Lightstream in January 2019 with more than 25 years of service in the banking industry. Over his career, his time has been almost evenly split between working as a senior executive of community banks and working with senior executives of community banks. While working for financial institutions, he has served as a former CEO, COO, and CMO. Prior to joining Lightstream, Jim was the Chief Marketing Officer at $1.9 billion ESSA Bank & Trust in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Jim also has worked as a performance and marketing consultant to banks and credit unions with a focus on improving performance and increasing market share. At Lightstream, Jim works with bank and credit union clients on various strategic projects, such as developing marketing plans, brand and culture training, peer benchmarking, marketing and sales alignment, and more.

Eric Luse
Partner, Luse Gorman, PC

Eric Luse is a co-founder of Luse Gorman law firm and is recognized as one of the leading financial services attorneys in the nation. He has been representing banks, savings institutions and holding companies for more than 25 years, and has been on the cutting edge of new developments in holding company reorganizations and capital raising transactions by mutual and stock savings banks as well as community banks.

A significant part of his practice involves advising boards of directors and management on new developments in corporate governance and compensation, as well as legislative and regulatory changes that affect the business and financial performance of banks. He also works closely with clients in guiding transactions through the regulatory approval process.

Mr. Luse is recognized as the nation’s leading expert on mutual holding companies. He has authored numerous articles on banks and savings institutions which have appeared in The American Banker, SNL Thrift Investor, Legal Times, and Community Banker.

Sundeep Kapur
Educator and Strategist, Digital Credence

Sundeep Kapur has been assisting organizations with their converged channel marketing strategies since 1990. From direct marketing to digital to converged, he is a passionate teacher who works with businesses across multiple industries, helping them to enable technology and services to brand, and personalize and speak to consumers more effectively.

Sundeep is an industry recognized expert who has delivered keynotes, run panels, and delivered “relevant, inspirational, and outstanding” education for organizations like the Direct Marketing Association,, National Sports Forum, Online Marketing Institute, ClickZ, Search Engine Strategies, and more.

Sundeep is also an avid user of social media, having leveraged words, pictures, and video into a conversational digital book. His daily dose of best practices can be found at, where he has more than 1,200 articles on best practices. He authors a column on Social Integration for ClickZ and has been hosting a monthly phone call on digital marketing best practices since 1999.

He has a BA in Economics, a BS in Computer Science, and an MBA.

Richard B. Trauger, Jr.
Managing Director, The Kafafian Group, Inc.

Rich has been affiliated with TKG in various capacities since inception and is also a shareholder. He participates in all facets of our service lines and is primarily responsible for strategic planning, customer statistical analysis and visualization, capital planning and stress testing, financial analytics and modeling, and is a member of our financial advisory services team.

He has led over 100 client engagements for financial services industry firms and has extensive experience with boards of directors and executive management teams. During his career Rich has successfully completed over three dozen merger and acquisition, capital market, and financial advisory assignments for financial institutions, with an aggregate transaction value of approximately $2.6 billion.

During his 30-year financial services industry career, Rich has developed his skill set, first as a financial analyst with Dauphin Deposit Corporation (now M&T Bank Corporation) and then as an investment banker with Tucker Anthony Sutro Capital Markets (now RBC Capital Markets).

In addition to client facing assignments, Rich has been a subject matter expert for SNL Financial, L.C. (now S&P Global Market Intelligence) on the topic of advanced bank valuation. He has also served as an expert witness for matters involving financial services industry firms. He is a faculty member at the American Bankers Association Stonier Graduate School of Banking, the Pennsylvania Bankers Association School of Banking and Advanced School of Banking and is an occasional speaker at industry events.

Rich holds an undergraduate degree from Penn State University (Harrisburg) and the license of Certified Public Accountant in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, along with the following other professional designations: Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA®), Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA®), CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM (CFP®), and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®).

He continues to pursue additional levels of education and is eligible to sit for the Level III exam as administered by the CFA Institute. He is a practitioner member of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA), and a member of the CFA Institute, the CFA Society of Philadelphia, the AICPA and the PICPA.

Rich is also a certified barbeque judge and table captain as sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society.