Publicity Ideas

Capitalize on Media

Let the local press in on the celebration! (Need help? Contact Eric Kovac, PACB Communications Director)

Press Releases, Media Advisories and Photos (FREE)

  • Many local papers cover local events – so make sure they know about yours!
  • Send out media advisories inviting local TV and paper reporters to your event and be sure to greet them when they show up!
  • Follow up your event by sending a press release and digital photos to your local paper. Remember, photos and captions make great “filler” in local interest sections!

Radio Advertising

  • Looking for a new radio spot? Try ICBA’s radio ad, “Celebrating Communities.”
  • Create your own radio ad with your own personal copy, or use the copy below.
  • “Grow your community. At your local bank, that is something we do everyday. Some banks are more concerned with profits than with people. You never know where the money you deposit there will end up. When you invest in our bank, your money goes to work right here to make this area a better place for small business owners, families, consumers, and everyone who calls our town home.”

    “Did you know that April is Community Banking Month? This time of year, we like to reflect on what community banking means to us, to thank our customers for working with us, and to invite you to learn more about what community banking can mean for you. So stop by and see the difference that comes when you bank locally. We’d love to see you!” {Add bank information} (60 sec.)

Print/Web Advertising

  • Take out an ad in your local paper, merchandiser, or business journal.
  • Place a Community Banking Month banner on your own website!
  • Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, is a great way to keep your customers aware of upcoming activities and events. Get them excited to celebrate Community Banking Month at your bank!