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What is NextGen”U”?”

Do your employees have a soft skills gap?

If you’ve been searching for a one-stop online solution for building career skills and truly setting the team apart as future leaders for community banking…Look no further. What enables employees to succeed at the bank has far less to do with technical knowledge and much more to do with the “soft skills”/professional poise they possess – skills such as self-awareness, delegating, team building, customer service, and perhaps most important; how to get along with different types of people.

PACB’s Next Gen“U” Career Pathing Modules are the pinnacle of Professional Soft Skills and Career Success. The NextGen“U” program has been developed to provide the skills training required to enable the bank’s team to become poised and professional representatives. This program can be the keystone that will assist them in moving into a management or leadership role, or be stronger in their current position.

What Does NextGen“U” Cover?

In this online curriculum, we will help individuals develop the 16 kinds of “soft skills – professional experiences” they MUST demonstrate to successfully manage their career. These 16 core lessons, will position team members as employees of choice and place them on a fast track for career advancement.

Participants will discover the little-known concept of “Career Pathing” and how it holds the key to enabling them to demonstrate professional competency – to be known as a “go to” employee ready to get things accomplished in the bank. NextGen“U” will teach how to:

  • Discover, hone and demonstrate professional soft skills.
  • Feel focused, energized, and confident in your banking career choice.

  • Learn inner workplace strengths – discover an inner compass so to speak – which is a must for career success.

  • Have the courage to pursue an ideal career path within the bank.

  • Gain wisdom into the science of success; secrets only the top banking professionals know and utilize.

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Curriculum Modules

Module 1: Thinking as a Manager: Understanding Your Role

Module 2: Managing Your Professional Identity
Module 3: Career Development – Promote Yourself Within the Bank
Module 4: Goal Setting and Achievement
Module 5: Are You Ready for Change? Strategies & Tips for Workplace Change and Transition

Module 6: Leadership: Building Your Character for Success
Module 7: Effective Decision-Making
Module 8: Cultivating a Champion Mindset
Module 9: Presentations That Deliver

Module 10: Successful Communication: Connecting With Others
Module 11: Leading with Purpose and Vision: Inspiring Yourself & Others
Module 12: Creating a Motivated Work Team Through Delegation & Coaching
Module 13: Building a Winning Team

COMMUNITY – Track Four
Module 14: Customer Service: A Culture of Service Excellence
Module 15: Volunteering & Mentoring: Community Involvement
Module 16: Business Writing I
Module 17: Business Writing II

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NextGen“U” can be accessed online at Students are required to set up a profile, agree to the usage requirements and then begin the registration process. We recommend following the curriculum chronologically, however, if a student wishes to take classes of interest with a random order, it is certainly acceptable. Individual professional development varies and NextGen“U” is designed to meet diverse training needs.

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Ways To Use NextGen”U”

  1. NextGen“U” may be purchased as a 17 module course, or participants may choose to take one individual module, or a track of either: Personal Development, Thought and Character, Connecting with Others, and Community.
  2. PACB also offers a live version for those member banks who want to bring NextGen“U” to their teams with direct real-time access to the presenter.
  3. Banks can select to complete the curriculum as a team with group learning sessions.
  4. Select one module to be utilized by all bank managers or new leaders.
  5. Use specific modules as tools to meet blind spots identified in performance reviews.
  6. Use as an on-boarding tool.

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Per Module Pricing
Member: $125
Non-Member: $225

Per Track Pricing
Member: $400
Non-Member: $600

Entire Curriculum Pricing (all 17 Modules)
Member: $1,500
Non-Member: $2,200

Live Module Pricing (members only)
Maximum 10 reg. Per Module: $1,500

If you are a pacb member bank registering six or more team members for the entire NextGen“U” curriculum (17 modules), or want to order 50 or more individual modules, please contact the pacb office at 717.231.7447, as discount pricing may apply.