Human Resources Conference – NEW DATE

Human Resources Conference – NEW DATE

Thursday, October 1, 2020 – Friday, October 2, 2020
The Hershey Lodge & Convention Center
325 University Drive, Hershey, PA 17033


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This conference is designed for community bank HR Professionals, CEOs, HR Officers, HR Departmental Employees and NextGen Community Banking Leaders.


Bring a NextGen Community Banking Leader along to this important Conference. Help them grow their knowledge and network of community bank colleagues in an interactive educational environment. This experience will help them advance and be better equipped to keep your bank independent, relevant and strong…now and for the future. NextGen leaders, accompanying a conference attendee, receive $100 registration discount.


This program will be submitted to HRCI. It may also be self-submitted to SHRM for credit. CPE will be offered through the State Board of Accountancy.


The Hershey Lodge is holding rooms for this conference at a special rate. Guests who prefer to make phone reservations may call 855.729.3180 and ask for the room block for the PA Association of Community Bankers HR Conference at the Hershey Lodge, October 1-2. Alternatively, guests may make reservations online at


8:30am: Registration & Continental Breakfast

9:00am: Hot Topics
Times change. Crimes change. During this interactive, breakout session, we’ll identify and discuss the top five types of fraud seen during the last two years and compare them to what’s trending today. Hear from your peers about what they are experiencing. You’ll learn about the various ways in which criminals will attack your bank. We’ll explain how fraudsters use social media to try and recruit your actual customers! You’ll leave with a better understanding of what’s happening right now and how you can be prepared.

Day 1 Thursday October 1, 2020

8:30am: Registration/Continental Breakfast

8:50am: Welcome/Opening Remarks

9:00am: The Strategic Side of Human Resource Leadership
Presented by: Jack R. Salvetti, S.R. Snodgrass
Modern strategic thinking includes three fundamental challenges; (1) the sustainability of the entity’s culture and business model (2) improved scalability through efficient growth, and (3) remaining relevant in a rapidly changing world. The success in each of these areas is driven by human (talent and engagement) capital (the capabilities and potential) of the team. Historically, community banks recruited experienced employees, who were trained and developed by larger institutions. The available supply of these individuals has lessened as their value to current employers has peaked and those that joined your banks are approaching retirement age. In addition, attracting talent to banks in rural locales has always been a challenge.

To no surprise, this situation has now risen to the top of the strategic priority list, and the leaders of human resources are challenged by the need to recruit, develop and retain top level talent. Add to this the nuances of generational differences in these interesting times. This presentation will address these issues and various approaches to formulating your role in impacting these strategic priorities.

10:30am: Beverage Break

10:45am: LGBTQ + Knowledge for the HR Professional: Awareness, Etiquette & Best Practices
Presented by: Tara B. Taylor, MPA, ADR Vantage, Inc.
Learn proactive and responsive strategies for workplace scenarios involving LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, other) employees.

Efforts have been made in recent years to advance equality for gender and sexual minorities, but there are still many instances where LGBTQ+ people find themselves excluded, unwelcome and uncomfortable in the workplace. According to the Human Rights Campaign, an average of 50 percent of employees report hiding their sexual orientation at work due to hostility, prejudice, discrimination and mistreatment. This interactive session helps attendees develop a greater understanding of the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals. Explore and discuss specific HR scenarios that involve LGBTQ+ workers, and learn to develop strategies to create more welcoming and inclusive workplaces.

Learning Objectives:

  • Become more familiar with LGBTQ+-inclusive terminology and language, including appropriate pronoun usage.
  • Learn the differences in the dimensions of biological sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.
  • Hear statistical data on LGBTQ+ workers and workplace trends.
  • Develop effective ways to address questions and issues involving LGBTQ+ workers.

12:15pm: Luncheon

1:15pm: Creating A Leadership Development Program in Your Company
Presented by: Jack Gottlieb, Total Solutions Group
Leadership is more difficult now than ever with the evolution of your customer expectations, the increase in competition and options in the marketplace, and the evolving needs of your employees. Beyond just improving the skill of leadership, you must have a sustainable and transformative capability in how you lead and build people, performance, and processes to deliver unmatched value. This session will provide you with anchors necessary in the building of a leadership development approach in your organization. A true leadership development experience is about getting the [1] right people with the [2] right mindset to apply [3] the best strategies and implement [4] the right systems in order to [5] do their best work so as to [6] create the right experience for [7] the greater good of the organization. Leadership development programs are not off-the-shelf or plug-and-play training; it’s as integral as your hiring and onboarding process, your customer relationship management software, and your weekly meetings and reporting.

2:45pm: Workplace Sexual Harassment in a Post-Weinstein, Cosby, Lauer, Keep Going…World
Presented by: Todd Shill, Pillar+Aught
Over a quarter century after the Clarence Thomas hearings, where workplace sexual harassment was first introduced into the national lexicon, not much has changed, until now. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has reported that claims of gender-based workplace harassment have increased by 50% since the Weinstein allegations were first made public. Perhaps more alarming, the EEOC estimates that three-fourths of employees who are sexually harassed on the job choose not to tell anyone, until now.

The never-ending wave of stories involving celebrities and politicians has sparked the #MeToo movement online. Rest assured, these problems are not confined to Hollywood or Washington D.C., and the headlines being written today have now found their way to Banks and other workplaces near you. However, banks have been slow to react or have not reacted positively at all. Statistical evidence and offensive/defensive strategies implemented by banks have increased the risk of discrimination and retaliation. Now is the time, before it is too late, for banks to scrutinize and reevaluate their approach to harassment in the workplace, their policies, and the way in which expectations are communicated to employees and investigations and outcomes are managed. This can happen, but not until we are open to having an honest dialogue concerning these issues.

3:45pm: Adjournment

Day 2 Friday  October 2, 2020

7:45am: Buffet Breakfast

8:30am: Pay Now or Pay a LOT More For It Later…Wage and Hour Issues in the Workplace
Presented by: Lindsey E. Snavely, Esquire & John R. Martin, Esquire, Pillar+Aught
Wage and hour issues can cost employers millions. This is not surprising, as rules and regulations are confusing to understand and implement, and large backpay awards and attorneys’ fees make this an attractive arena for employees and their counsel to “compete” for seven-figure paydays. This presentation will provide an overview of the wage and hour laws, discuss the common pitfalls that can cause banks to suffer financial and reputational pains, and discuss strategies to best avoid those risks. How do you prevent off-the-clock claims? What policy language should you implement to address timekeeping and policies and procedures? Do you have periodic audits in place? Is your bank appropriately addressing pay equity? What happens when the DOL comes knocking at your door? This interactive discussion will include a variety of examples and provide advice so that you can appropriately pay your employees now…rather than paying a lot more later.

9:30am: Pay for Performance (Show You the Money? First Show Us Results!)
Presented by: Karen DiGioia, Mosteller & Associates
During the session we will discuss why pay for performance is important…is it really worth the trouble? What is the regulatory environment around pay equity? How is PFP typically implemented and what are foundations for strong PFP programs? During the session, participants will roll up their sleeves and engage in an interactive table exercise around PFP execution.

10:45am: WEED Better Talk…An Up-to-Date Discussion On What Employers Need to Know When It Comes to PA’s Medical Marijuana Law
Presented by: Lindsey E. Snavely, Esquire & John R. Martin, Esquire, Pillar+Aught
Employers continue to struggle with issues regarding cannabis, an employee’s use of marijuana or CBD, and how such use might impact existing drug-free workplace policies. Under what circumstances is an employer permitted to terminate an employee whose use of medical marijuana is authorized by state law? What about an employee’s recreational use of marijuana in a state where such use if permitted by law? Are there limits on when and how an employer can require drug testing? Does federal illegality trump state law? This session will spark a lively discussion, hit all the high notes and smoke out the answers.

11:45am: Adjournment


Jack R. Salvetti
Principal, S.R. Snodgrass
Jack assists banks throughout the United States by formulating successful strategies, improving financial performance, and implementing dynamic enterprise risk management frameworks. Jack has served on the faculties of Robert Morris University, Bank Administration Institute, and Central Atlantic Advanced School of Banking. Jack is a Certified Public Accountant and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Villanova University. He is a member of the American and Pennsylvania Institutes of Certified Public Accountants. Jack is a nationally known financial expert, author and sought-after conference speaker.

Tara B. Taylor, MPA
ADR Vantage, Inc.
Tara Taylor brings almost 20 years of experience directing and creating programs with the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights in workplace conflict resolution, organizational development, leadership development and, most recently, has become a leading expert in the growing field of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She is a talented trainer and facilitator and is passionate about helping individuals have more meaningful, productive conversations across their differences.

During her tenure at the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights, Tara served first as the Mediation Program Director, then as the Education & Outreach Director, and more recently, went on to serve as Co-Founder & Program Director for the Maryland Equity & Inclusion Leadership Program, a collaborative year-long leadership and professional development program.

Tara is a recipient of the Governor’s 21st Century Award for Maryland Women in Responsive Government.  In 2019, she was named as a “Top 10 Speaker” at the Society for Human Resources Management Annual Conference.  Tara holds a B.A. in Organizational Communication and a M.A. in Management & Public Administration.

Jack Gottlieb
Founder & CEO, Total Solutions Group
Jack Gottlieb is the Founder & CEO of The Total Solutions Group, Inc., a global strategic consulting, training and coaching firm committed to driving a transformative impact to what is REALLY Most Important™ to an organization in their strategy, capability & results.

Jack brings 16 years of proven high-level success along with the collective capability of his team and advisory board. He has also been one of the highest ranked facilitators consistently at national and state wide SHRM (Society of Human Resource Managers), Organizational Development & Training Conferences over the past 10 years.

Todd Shill
Todd is a skilled entertainment lawyer and business and employment advisor who has earned the respect of both his clients and opposing counsel for thinking through all angles of a legal matter to arrive at creative, practical solutions. Todd enjoys finding nuances in cases and the pursuit of effective dispute resolution. His goal is to resolve employment and business issues as quickly and soundly as possible. To that end, Todd offers training to employers and other key personnel so that they can better understand and identify employment law concerns before issues manifest.

Todd also has extensive experience representing employers in all aspects of employment law, including cases related to discrimination, wrongful discharge, the Family and Medical Leave Act, non-compete and breach of fiduciary duty injunctive relief cases, and wage and unemployment compensation.

John R. Martin, Esquire
Pillar + Aught
John Martin brings a proven, hands-on approach to Pillar+Aught. One day he’s running a federal jury trial for a national organization, the next he’s at a client site, providing actionable human resource training to managers and their teams.

John has successfully litigated cases in state and federal court for companies based in Pennsylvania and across the United States. John also advises his clients on a wide variety of employment law matters including gender, age, disability, and race discrimination, as well as claims alleging harassment, retaliation, and wrongful discharge. Well-versed in a wide variety of employment practices, John counsels and trains clients on best practices when addressing various workplace challenges including how to properly discipline employees, comply with EEO and FMLA requirements, develop and implement effective workplace policies, and enforce employee non-compete agreements. He writes and lectures frequently on a variety of topics including social media, wage and hour issues, and sexual harassment.

Karen DiGioia
Senior Associate, Mosteller & Associates
Karen DiGioia joined Mosteller & Associates in January 2005 where she has partnered with numerous clients in a wide variety of human resources areas including:

  • Executive compensation
  • Creation and implementation of base compensation structures which are market-competitive, organizationally sound and internally equitable
  • Salary administration
  • Incentive compensation plan development and implementation
  • HRIS and payroll administration and third-party provider selection
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Performance management

Prior to her time with Mosteller & Associates, Karen had over 20 years of human resources experience, most recently as the Human Resource Manager at a premier regional bank. Karen works extensively with senior executives and Boards of Directors on executive compensation design, structure, and competitive solutions. Karen has extensive employment/staffing experience including attracting and hiring high volumes of employees at varying responsibility levels. She also has been responsible for managing and motivating a recruiting staff. She developed and administered salary administration programs, including executive compensation and incentive programs and salary survey projects.