Security Seminar

Security Seminar

security seminar

Thursday, March 12, 2020
Radisson Hotel Harrisburg
1150 Camp Hill Bypass, Camp Hill, PA 17011



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This seminar is designed for Information Security, IT Security, Security Officers, Cashiers, Training Officers, Branch Managers, HR Managers and Compliance Officers.


Bring a NextGen Community Banking Leader along to this important seminar. Let them learn from experts and network with colleagues in an interactive educational environment. This experience will help them grow and be a stronger member of your bank’s team. NextGen community bank leaders receive a discount on the registration fee.


Up to five (5) hours of CPE will be offered for this program. PACB is an approved provider of continuing education by the PA State Board of Accountancy.


The PACB has a special rate at the Radisson Hotel Harrisburg, 150 Camp Hill Bypass, Camp Hill, PA. Please contact the hotel directly at 717-763-7117 for reservations. Please mention the PA Association of Community Bankers to secure the special rate.


8:30am: Registration & Continental Breakfast

9:00am: Hot Topics
Times change. Crimes change. During this interactive, breakout session, we’ll identify and discuss the top five types of fraud seen during the last two years and compare them to what’s trending today. Hear from your peers about what they are experiencing. You’ll learn about the various ways in which criminals will attack your bank. We’ll explain how fraudsters use social media to try and recruit your actual customers! You’ll leave with a better understanding of what’s happening right now and how you can be prepared.

10:15am: Break

10:30am: Check Fraud Smackdown
Counterfeit checks, altered checks, washed checks, and mobile deposits, they all mean one thing, losses for the financial institution that accepts them. In this fast moving session, you will learn how the criminals do it and the methods they use to attack your institution. Only by knowing how a criminal will produce the check, alter the check, or forge the check will your front line staff know how to detect the fraud in action. Not only will we examine check fraud, we will review false identification, as the criminal must possess both a fraudulent check and identification to be successful.

12:00pm: Luncheon

1:00pm: Social Media Attacks
Social media has changed the world. For all the positive benefits social media can have as an effective marketing tool for attracting an ever-younger (and an ever-older) client base, it can also be used as a weapon against an institution. We can learn and track personal information from the CEO to a frontline staff member. This session will demonstrate how a social media attack can be constructed, and, if successful, cause the institution to lose market share and accounts and enough negative publicity that might lead to a failure. We will discuss embarrassing problems that other businesses and financial institutions have had to handle and pro-active solutions that will keep your institution in the “like” category.

2:30pm: Break

2:45pm: Cash Recyclers: What Everyone Must Know
Cash recyclers have brought the cash vault to the frontline of the institution. With that, there are issues with installation of the machines, cash replenishment, loss of dual control, and errors in procedures for handling a bank robbery that affect the security function. This engaging presentation will educate those considering a cash recycler on what to look for and those who already have them installed on how to correct problems you may not have considered.

4:00pm Adjournment


Barry Thompson
Managing Partner, Thompson Consulting Group, LLC
Barry Thompson is a nationally-recognized speaker, consultant, and former banker, with nearly 40 years of service to the financial institution industry. Barry’s financial services career spanned 22 years before he “retired” to establish Thompson Consulting Group, LLC, to assist financial institutions in competing more effectively by providing services specifically targeted to risk management and security.

During his career, he served in various management positions throughout the financial services industry. In addition to security, Barry has experience in operations, accounting, investments, mortgage processing, and special assignments. Barry has investigated embezzlement cases, identity fraud cases, check kites, and almost all possible criminal incidents against financial institutions. As a security officer, Barry handled over 900 security cases and has been involved with investigations and prosecutions on the federal, state, and local levels and has testified before grand juries, county courts, bankruptcy courts, family courts, and the New York State Supreme Court.

As a professional speaker, few can match his expertise when it comes to discussing the financial services industry. His programs are based on actual experiences that allow him to relate to any group of financial professionals, from the teller to the board of directors. He appears frequently before financial institutions and at industry conferences. Barry is a contributor to various financial and forums. He has been interviewed by Newsweek, Computer World, and other national and regional publications. He has made presentations throughout the United States and in Europe, Asia, and at the United Nations.

Randall Phillips
Vice President of Security Management, Thompson Consulting Group, LLC
Randy Phillips began his career in financial institution security while still employed as a police investigator in upstate New York. His career in law enforcement provided his first exposure to the world of corporate security and financial crimes and would shape his career path from then on.

For several years he juggled two careers, pursuing robbers as a police officer and then teaching financial institution employees about dealing with those very people. His early days in the financial services industry began as an advisor and instructor on bank security topics. He quickly transitioned to the position of board-appointed bank security officer. During the next twenty years he would further this career and gain valuable experience in administering all areas of security for financial institutions. His analytical thinking and thoroughness have been tremendously beneficial in writing policy and procedure, developing business continuity plans, and creating training programs.

His dual careers have also provided much insight and experience into the world of fraud, embezzlement, and ethics investigations. He has honed his skills in risk assessment and mitigation, designed and implemented a fraud awareness and incentive program for tellers, and been recognized for his robbery awareness and prevention programs. He routinely collaborates with many local, state and government entities including the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.