Security Seminar

Security Seminar

Thursday, March 7, 2019
Radisson Hotel Harrisburg
1150 Camp Hill Bypass, Camp Hill, PA 17011


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8:30 a.m.        Registration & Continental Breakfast

 9:00 a.m.        Investigation: The Clock is Ticking
You’ve just been notified of a potentially large loss for your financial institution. An employee may be involved. The details are vague, but the pressure is on for a quick resolution. Documents need to be gathered, accounts need to be reviewed, and interviews may have to be conducted. Who does what? How do the various business units interact? How long will this take?

Join us for a discussion on case management and conducting a thorough investigation. We’ll examine the investigation process and how various business units will need to come together. The interview process will be analyzed and we will review the importance of evidence and the documentation of it.

10:15 a.m.      Break  

 10:30 a.m.     Security Blunders: Show and Tell
Are your institution’s facilities safe and secure?  Don’t put your account-holders, employees, and financial assets at risk!  Assessing the risks involved with the operation of a financial institution is a major concern of every CEO, COO, and Security Officer.  In this session, we use actual examples showing situations that make financial institutions targets for criminal attacks.  We will offer a look at your financial institution’s facilities as a visitor would see them, both during operating hours and after hours. You may be surprised at what you see!

12:00 p.m.   Lunch

1:00 p.m.      Securing the Future?
Security technology is rapidly changing.  New advances in surveillance, access control and branch design can be exciting, innovative, and efficient.  New technology is also of great benefit to the bank security officer’s efforts and the overall security of the branch environment.  With new technology comes new concerns and a need for policy and procedures to address the use.  Join us for a look into recent advances and their application in the world of bank security.

 2:30 p.m.     Break

 2:45 p.m.    Diffusing Difficult People
Handling difficult people is one of the hardest situations staff is asked to manage on a regular bases.   This program reviews problems frontline staff and management could face during interactions with accountholders.  People who become upset need to be diffused and doing so many times is not an easy problem.  If a staff member responds to a question with a statement like, “That isn’t my job I don’t handle loans!” The accountholder who has had problems getting someone to understand their situation explodes.  This can lead to yelling, threats or other serious problems.  Learn the methods to help you cope with difficult accountholders.  We will review causative factors, warning signs and the proper use of cognitive listening.  This segment will provide you with best practices on how to diffuse a difficult person.

4:00 p.m.               Adjournment


This seminar is designed for Information Security, IT Security, Security Officers, Cashiers, Training Officers, Branch Managers, HR Managers and Compliance Officers.

Barry  Thompson  “The Fraud Educator”

Barry Thompson, the author of 101 Security Tips for the Beginning Security Officer, is known as “The Fraud Educator.”  He has worked in the financial services industry for over three decades, holding the positions of security officer, compliance officer, treasurer, senior vice president, and executive vice president.  He is the only fraud educator in his industry that has worked in senior management positions, which affords him unique insight into financial institutions.

Over the course of his career, Barry handled over 900 security cases. He has been involved with investigations and prosecutions on the federal, state, and local levels, and has testified before grand juries, county courts, bankruptcy courts, family courts, and the New York State Supreme Court.

As a security specialist for America’s Community Bankers*, Thompson was involved in all phases of organizing the National Operations, Technology and Security Conference, including designing and overseeing the conference’s security track, hiring conference speakers, and writing the conference manual.

Barry is an in-demand, internationally-recognized speaker where he has made fraud, theft, and security presentations to groups throughout the country, in Europe, and at the United Nations.