WEBINAR: “Leveraging Core Contract Terms...

WEBINAR: “Leveraging Core Contract Terms and RFPs”

WEBINAR – PACB Services Inc.

December 7, 2016 @ 1:00pm EST

If you plan to sign a Core Processing agreement within the next few years, there are essential contractual terms and Request For Proposal (“RFP”) questions that you should add to your Core evaluation process. However, negotiating contracts with Core Vendors and constructing RFPs is a daunting task for most banks and credit unions. The speech will assist the audience in identifying the best Core Processing Service Level Agreements (“SLAs”), additional terms and RFP strategies. Greg Schratwieser, Founder and CEO of ICI Consulting, will also focus on the primary Core Processing vendor questions. The speaker will discuss how other banks and credit unions are negotiating core contracts.