Celebrating Community Banking

Celebrating Community Banking

The 2019 PACB Regional Meetings

Regional Meetings - Jim

During the last week of March, PACB traveled across the state to reach out to members and host an event dedicated to networking, learning, leading and recognition. Over this three-day blitz we met with more than 200 bankers to talk about the importance of community banking and encourage PACB members to communicate the ways they are positively impacting PA’s hometowns each and every day. It was exciting to see so many new faces in the crowd. Many thanks go out to the PACB membership for recognizing the value of leadership training and bankers sharing with other bankers.

The meetings were held in Monroeville, State College and Kutztown and were designed to foster spontaneous networking around topics that are impacting the community banking industry. An amazing morning of education was delivered by Bill McGettigan, from FHLB Pittsburgh and a leadership program shared by Jim Bouchard – Leadership Activist and Founder, The Sensei Leader Movement. The key takeaways from his presentation were: Leaders should Inspire • Empower • Guide. Leadership is sharing; wisdom, knowledge, compassion and power. For more, check out www.thatblackbeltguy.com.

It was PACB’s pleasure to recognize Community Banking Hometown Champion Award winners at each location (pictured above). While accepting awards, each bank shared the story of their community involvement project, service and/or support with colleagues in the audience. Sharing these stories gave banks a chance to learn from one another and consider implementing impactful programs from other communities into their own.

It was three days dedicated to the value, importance, economic involvement and compassionate message of community banking. We were so pleased to be able to highlight the industry, and recognize just a sampling of its good works. The most rewarding part of the Regional Meeting adventure for the PACB Team was spending time with the people who make dreams come true in hometowns across the Commonwealth. YOU!

Regional Meetings - Bill