May Preferred Provider of the Month

May Preferred Provider of the Month

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ICI Consulting has focused exclusively on the financial industry since its formation in 1994. This concentration enables them to objectively evaluate, negotiate, recommend and implement superior in-house or outsourcing solutions for clients. They are a team that understands core processing systems and the ancillary solutions that integrate with them. ICI’s goal is to select the best solutions at competitive prices for community bank clients. ICI works with community banks to evaluate the effectiveness of core technology through a comprehensive implementation strategy that creates stronger, more competitive systems.

ICI consultants assess new technology solutions every day. Their consultants are experts in streamlining the evaluation process and identifying the most cost-effective direction. ICI’s experience positions community banks for the best installation and support commitments available and will help protect you with essential contract verbiage. ICI an outside perspective, that provides the benefit of a completely objective viewpoint. They separate fact from marketing optimism and provide the desired apples to apples comparison of offerings that community banks need to make a solid, long-term solutions.

Looking to evaluate the effectiveness and cost of your core and ancillary systems…let the expertise of ICI Consulting help find solutions!

Contact Information:
Greg Schratwieser
ICI Consulting, Inc.
(800) 729-8237