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April is designated Community Banking Month, and PACB is excited to use this national celebration to communicate the important role that community banks play supporting the hometowns and neighborhoods of the Commonwealth. Locally owned and operated financial institutions are the economic engines powering every corner of PA and we would like you to allow us to honor your stories of community success.

Community Bankers should be proud. You are “Keeping the Lights On in Our Hometowns”. You make dreams come true by providing funding for small business owners, farmers, neighbors and friends and by generously donating resources, volunteer time and sponsorships to non-profit organizations that provide vital services to people throughout Pennsylvania.

PACB is committed to expanding the visibility and voice of community bank involvement by highlighting your importance to the ongoing success of Pennsylvania’s communities. As a part of this effort, we are asking and encouraging every member to submit entries for the 2018 Community Banking Champion Awards. Entries can be forwarded as often as the bank wishes. We want to hear from you often!

The Community Banking Champion Awards program is designed to offer ongoing recognition for PACB member banks that purposefully commit to impacting communities in significant ways. We encourage your institution to provide multiple entries throughout 2018 that truly express how your bank is “Keeping the Lights On in Your Hometown.” We are looking for moving synopses of the great things that you do to keep your community strong and hopeful for the future. Entries may include stories about community redevelopment, housing development projects, community entertainment and culture, sponsorships and projects benefiting groups in need; such as seniors, at risk children, low income families, veterans, and the physically and mentally challenged.

Final Community Banking Champion Awards will be issued based on the IMPACT to the community: Implementing Meaningful Projects and Activities to help Keep the Lights on in Our Hometowns and Communities for a vibrant Tomorrow. The banks selected as Community Banking Champion Award winners will be honored at the PACB Regional Meetings in March, 2019. Submissions will be featured throughout 2018 via Social Media and other communications outlets.

We look forward to hearing from you. Make a commitment to submit a community involvement success at least monthly. We want to support the work that you do. Community Banks are the lifeblood of small business and local financial and economic stability and we are proud to serve you.

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Last year PACB awarded 19 community banks for their commitment to giving back. These awards are presented in three categories – the President’s Award, the Community Impact Award, and the Grow Your Community Award. If you would like to take a look at the 2017 award-winning entries, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

Community banking month is a great time to let your community banking light shine! This year, we hope that you will join the effort to promote community banking. We encourage you to host that award-winning event and to perform that award-winning service project – and then share it with us by entering the 2018 Community Banking Hometown Champions Award Program.

More information can be found below, and as always we are here to assist with ideas and support!

2018 Community Banking Hometown Champion Awards

Award Program Information

Pennsylvania’s communities are growing and thriving because community bankers care. In a time when friends, business-owners and neighbors are working harder than ever for success, you, the PACB member banks, have stepped up your community outreach and support to “Keep the Lights on in Our Hometown.”

Whether it is through monetary donations, housing and economic development projects, volunteer time, sponsorships, or special seminars that educate and promote economic growth, it is the service and commitment of PA’s more than 14,000 community bankers that make your Hometowns better places to live and work. Community bank involvement keeps Hometowns strong, and your commitment to the future keeps people hopeful.

PACB holds banks that go above and beyond to ‘Keep the Lights On’ in the highest regard, and recognizes those members whose involvement in Pennsylvania’s towns surpass traditional and expected business practices as “Community Banking Hometown Champions!”

The Community Banking Hometown Champion Awards program is designed to honor PACB members who impact their communities in meaningful ways throughout 2018 and is the association’s homage to “Community Banking Month.” While it is important to specifically carve out April as Community Banking Month, PACB believes that every month and every day of community bank service should be recognized.

Please take a moment to tell us about the countless wonderful things that your bank does to help with “Keeping the Lights On in Our Hometown.” PACB will be accepting entries throughout 2018 with a final deadline for submission of December 31. Your bank is encouraged to submit all that you do, each month, as part of the awards process. Final winners will be announced in January and the awards will be given at the PACB Regional Meetings in March 2019.

Potential entries might include, but are certainly not limited to: community redevelopment, housing-related activities, support for families, local small business support, community entertainment, financial support or sponsorship of community events, and projects benefiting special interest groups such as seniors, children, physically/mentally challenged, etc.

For each entry, please complete THE ENTRY FORM, including a description of the activity in which your bank participated. Entries must also include photos and/or press coverage of the activity/event so that we can share the impact with community banking colleagues and the public. Remember, every bank is encouraged to provide multiple entries throughout 2018 with a final deadline to return all materials to PACB of Monday, December 31, 2018.

Entries will be recognized based on the IMPACT on the community.

Projects &
Activities to help with Keeping the Lights On In Our Hometown &
Communities for a vibrant

Submissions will be recognized throughout the year via PACB social media and other communications outlets. Final winners of the Community Banking Hometown Champion Awards will be announced in January and the honors will be awarded at the PACB Regional Meetings in March 2019.

Show us how your community bank helps with Keeping The Lights On In Our Hometown!


Should you have any questions regarding the Community Banking Hometown Champion Awards, or need additional information, please contact Eric Kovac, Communications Director, at eric@pacb.org or 717.231.7447.