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Coatesville Savings Bank


Coatesville Savings Bank, a 100-year-old, independent, mutual bank with 5 branches serving western Chester County and eastern Lancaster County, with assets of $215,000,000, is looking for a creative and energetic new President to lead the Bank into its next century. A thorough understanding of all aspects of banking, including finances, budget management, regulatory matters, operations, lending, collections, marketing, strategic planning, and personnel management (attraction of talent, training, and motivation) is required. The ideal candidate will also have supervisory experience in a bank of similar size and familiarity with the market area.

The Bank is looking for a strong, innovative leader with excellent communication skills to work with the Board of Trustees and the senior management team. The new President will be expected to oversee the development of products, procedures and strategies that will result in carefully managed growth, improved profitability, and exceptional performance in all aspects of banking when compared to peers. The President will also act as an ambassador for the Bank in the communities it serves; interacting with government officials, regulators, community leaders and customers; and in that capacity will be expected to enhance the image of the institution.

Finally, the Bank is looking for a candidate who enjoys a challenge, has the courage to make difficult decisions, and will help the Bank evolve in response to new technology and changing market conditions while maintaining a commitment to the ideals of community banking. It is recognized that this will require a delicate balance and an exceptional leader. The Bank offers a competitive salary, excellent benefits, and an outstanding work environment to someone meeting that description. Coatesville Savings Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Type: Full-time

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