February Preferred Provider of the Month

February Preferred Provider of the Month

Attack and Penetration Testing Services From Snodgrass

Snodgrass A+P testing engagements are performed by certified ethical hackers and a licensed penetration tester, the highest certification available in the IT security field. Snodgrass’s approach effectively identifies risks through both internal and external testing and social engineering. Some highlights from their penetration tests follow:

  • They utilize CORE Impact Professional, which they believe to be among the best exploitation software on the market
  • They use Tenable’s Nessus product, which they believe to be among the most trusted vulnerability scanners that can perform both authenticated and unauthenticated scans
  • They follow a layered security approach and verify results to ensure threats discovered are real threats and not false-positive results
  • They use a combination of automated tools and manual processes to review the security of the bank’s network
  • They provide a non-technical executive summary as well as an extremely detailed report that identifies the risk, details our observations during testing, and provides remediation plans for their observations

Contact Information:
Jeremy s. Burris, CISA, CISSP, MCP, L|PT, CPTS, C|EH, CICP, ECSA, Security+
Principal, Technology Services Group
2009 Mackenzie Way, Suite 340
Cranberry Twp, PA 16066-5338
Phone: 814-574-8627
Email: jburris@srsnodgrass.com

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