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In This Issue:

25 Years and Counting: Many Visionaries, One Voice


Push and Pull: Two-Sided SBA Market Doubles Your Chance For Success

Trump’s Unique Opportunity to Reshape the Regulatory Agencies as We Know Them

Don’t Wait Until 2018 to Make Your Website ADA Compliant

Three Keys to Implementing Your Branch Transformation

In An Uncertain World, Look For the Silver Lining

Third-Party Vendor Management: What Community Bank Boards Should Know

Five Minutes with U.S. Representative Tom Marino

On the Attack: Brute Force Attack Fraud Attempts Starting to Reappear

From the History Books

News From You

Happy Anniversary!

PACB Welcomes Our New Associate Member: Bundlefi

PACB Member Bank Job Opportunity: Fleetwood Bank

2017 Transactions Editorial Calendar

Upcoming Editorial Topics

January: Vendor Management, Risk Management, BSA & Compliance - Articles relating to bank vendor and risk management and compliance suggestions.

February: Government relations: Regulatory & Legal Issues - Articles on changes in the regulatory arena and other issues to protect community banks.

March: Human Resources, Bank Marketing & Promotions - Articles relating to issues in human resources, as well as articles about branding, promotions, and marketing your community bank for success.

April: Retail Banking, Community Banking, Branching & Payments - To celebrate Community Banking Month, articles will focus on the state of community banking and what the future holds for the community banking industry.

May: Insurance, Executive Benefits, Bank Consulting - Articles on leadership, market trends, retaining employees and providing benefits to your bank’s management team.

June: Technology, Banking Services & the value of Outsourcing - Articles about the latest technology, banking services, outsourcing services, and opportunities to become more environmentally friendly in the banking industry.

July: PACB’s 140th Annual Convention - Schedule, education, and event information for PACB’s 140th Annual Convention, scheduled for September 20-24, 2017 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Also featuring previews of education sessions written by convention speakers.

August: Investment Banking, Payments, Mobile & Virtual Banking - Articles on investments, payments, and the future of branchless banking.

September: Growing Your Community (Convention Edition) - Articles that focus on various aspects of community involvement, including consumer, commercial, real estate, and agricultural programs, as well as articles about volunteering and giving back to the community.

October: Commercial, Consumer, Ag Lending & Loan Processing - Articles on consumer, commercial, real estate, and agricultural programs, and lending compliance.

November: Security, Cyber Security & Fraud Prevention (Convention Recap) - Articles about security issues banks encounter, such as cyber security, information security, elder fraud, and internal fraud, and how to avoid the incoming threats.

December: Securities, Investments, Community Banking Growth Strategies, Economic Forecast - Articles on bank securities and investments as well as a look at the economy to prepare your community bank to thrive in the new year.

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