Election 2012 – Post Election Review

Election 2012 – Post Election Review

Presidential Race

Yesterday, millions of Americans went to the polls to cast their ballots with the hope of propelling their supported candidate to elected office. Some were successful, some less so. The election that drew the most attention was not surprisingly the Presidential Race. At around 11:30 PM last night, major news outlets and election forecasters predicted President Barack Obama would secure a second term in office, defeating Mitt Romney in both the popular vote and Electoral College vote.

Every state, with the exception of Florida (29 electoral votes), has been called for either the President or Mitt Romney. Most pundits agree on the accuracy of the 303-206 electoral vote so regardless of who wins Florida the threshold for 270 has been broken.

Now the attention turns to how the President and Legislative leaders in the House and Senate will work together and tackle the lame duck session and legislative priorities.

President of the United States (PA results)

Candidate Votes Percent
ROMNEY, MITT (REP) 2,581,357 46.8%
OBAMA, BARACK (DEM) 2,865,690 52.0%

Statewide Races

It was a clean sweep for Democrats across the state as the Democratic candidates for US Senator, Attorney General, Auditor General, and Treasurer all won yesterday. Here are *unofficial* results as of earlier this morning.

US Senator

Candidate Votes Percent
SMITH, TOM (REP) 2,417,779 44.7%
CASEY, JR, BOB (DEM) 2,900,728 53.6%

Attorney General

Candidate Votes Percent
FREED, DAVID J. (REP) 2,228,564 41.6%
KANE, KATHLEEN G. (DEM) 3,006,580 56.1%

Auditor General

Candidate Votes Percent
MAHER, JOHN (REP) 2,455,586 46.5%
DEPASQUALE, EUGENE A. (DEM) 2,624,241 49.7%

State Treasurer

Candidate Votes Percent
VAUGHAN, DIANA IREY (REP) 2,316,561 44.0%
MCCORD, ROBERT M. (DEM) 2,763,280 52.5%

Date provided by Pennsylvania Department of State. For additional race details, or for information about regional races, please click here