Integrity Bank’s Game-Changers

Integrity Bank’s Game-Changers

Integrity Bank

If you could be a game, what kind of game would you be?

Employees of Integrity Bank, based in Camp Hill, Cumberland County, were recently challenged to ponder this Barbara Walters-esque question. Then they recreated their replies via authentic costumes when the bank celebrated Halloween on a grand scale this year, capitalizing on 2013’s “Board Games” theme. On that day, employees paraded through the doors as Candyland figures, Monopoly characters, chess pieces and other child-friendly classics that translated from board game to board room.

Integrity’s Chief Revenue Officer and Senior Executive Vice-President Thomas J. Sposito, II reported to duty with a genuine carved-out pumpkin on his head as a seasonal–albeit sticky–nod to the “Guess Who?” game.

There’s no masking it. In its 10-and-a-half-years of operation, Integrity Bank, under the presidency and chairmanship of CEO Jim Gibson, has found its sweet spot for keeping morale as high as a witch’s broom in flight.

Mary Poppins had it right: “In every task that must be done, there is an element of fun.”

And although Integrity Bank tellers and loan officers may not be able to make drawers magically open and close to devour levitating deposits, keeping morale soaring is a key ingredient to Integrity’s singular success and employee productivity.

While some may believe that a competitive salary and generous benefits are all that’s needed to keep employees mega-motivated and light at heart, a fat paycheck does not always keep spirits afloat. A recent study by Accenture, reported in, revealed that a whopping 43 percent of the workforce cites a “lack of recognition” as the primary reason for their unhappiness at work. Since bank offices are the “home away from home” for employees, it is important to make it their “happy place.”

That doesn’t mean following closely in the footsteps of Google, which famously offers employees Cadillac perks like hotel-quality game rooms, free massages and haircuts, laundry facilities and on-site cafes. Other employee-centric companies offer on-site child care, workout rooms, yoga classes, Office Olympics competitions, “Employee of the Month” programs, lavish stays at swanky hotels, and lunch-and-learn sessions. As Integrity illustrated with its Halloween celebration, you can buoy employee morale–even among the most cynical–without breaking the bank.

Especially when budgets are tight, creativity should be unloosened, Integrity executives believe.

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