PACB 2016 Voter Guide

PACB 2016 Voter Guide



The race for President so far has been unpredictable to say the least. And, there is no doubt that there are more surprises to come. One thing is clear, the electorate is sending a message that they won’t stand for the status-quo anymore.

We should be ever-mindful of how crucial this race is with regard to not only the future of our country, but also to the future of regulatory reform for community banks. The candidates below are committed to either continue our progress or make our efforts to stimulate economic growth even more difficult.

As always PACB will fight on behalf of community banks, through advocacy, and education, spreading our message of the need for regulatory relief. We will work to elect candidates who understand the importance of healthy, thriving community banks in their districts and across the commonwealth. We will support those who will stand with us and who recognize that a vote for burdensome regulations and increasing the bank shares tax is a vote to deny families home and small business loans, to reduce charitable giving and to induce job losses.

Community Banks have an important choice to make. We must send a message as an industry that we won’t stand for the onerous regulations placed on our backs that ultimately, only do harm to economic growth and our customers. Our communities and economic health depend on it.

Below are the positions of the remaining Presidential candidates with regard to community banks.

Raphael Edward Cruz (R)

  • Repeal Dodd-Frank
  • Audit the Federal Reserve
  • Introduced legislation to eliminate CFPB

“Cruz went on to say that this legislation will give Congress the opportunity to “free consumers and small business” from the CFPB and its “regulatory blockades and financial activism,” which impede economic growth.”

Donald Trump (R)

  • Repeal Dodd-Frank
  • “Slammed the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law as a “disaster” that has stifled economic growth.”

“Under Dodd-Frank, the regulators are running the banks,” Trump said. “The bankers are petrified of the regulators. And the problem is that the banks aren’t loaning money to people who will create jobs.”

John R. Kasich (R)

  • Advocates for a one year moratorium on all major regulations…to…give businesses a respite from the costs of Obama Administration regulations and allow time to overhaul the regulatory process
  • Change or Roll Back Dodd-Frank

“Oh, there’s no question about it. You do not want to kill the small banks and the medium sized banks. But in addition, you know, the big banks need to reserve against risks. These hedging devices, the CDOs, there need to be reserves on those. And the regulators need to bark. They need to not only bark, but bite when they see the big boys beginning to do things that are inappropriate. And, of course, we’ve got to look at Fannie and Freddie.

But – but the bottom line here is, let’s not kill the mid-sized and the small community banks.”

Hillary Clinton (D)

  • “As president, I would not only veto any legislation that would weaken financial reform, but I would also fight for tough new rules, stronger enforcement and more accountability that go well beyond Dodd-Frank.”
  • Would fight against de-funding CFPB
  • “…Would strengthen the Volcker Rule by closing the loopholes that still allow banks to make speculative gambles with taxpayer-backed deposits,” said Clinton

Bernard Sanders (D)

  • Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act
  • Recommended using post offices to help low-income individuals gain access to banking services

US Senate

US Senator Pat Toomey is running for his second term. National pundits have called this the race to watch with a senate Republican majority hanging in the balance and a huge looming question mark over who will lead the top of the ticket. The Democrats in the race are headed for a battle royale in the Primary. In light of the most recent Presidential race shockers, the question is: what lies in the heart and minds of the electorate?

It is imperative for community banks that US Senator Pat Toomey be re-elected. Toomey has been a true leader in the quest to unleash community banks from the constant barrage of overregulation, authoring his own legislation and advocating for others’.

A vote for Pat Toomey is a vote to continue the progress we’ve made to dismantle piece by piece the albatross that is Dodd-Frank.

Below are just some of the measures Senator Toomey has supported with regard to community banks.

1. Dodd-Frank Municipal Advisors definition fix
2. Shareholder Registration Threshold (S. 1941 – 112th) – became law in JOBS Act
3. ATM Fee Disclosure (S. 3204 – 112th) – repeals the requirement that such a fee disclosure appear in a prominent and conspicuous location on or at the ATM. Limits such requirement to appearance of a fee disclosure on the ATM screen.
4. Privacy Notice Modernization Act (S. 635 – 113th) – became law as part of FAST Act
5. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Examination and Reporting Threshold Act (S. 2732 – 113th) – raises threshold for direct CFPB examination to $50 billion
6. CLEAR Relief Act (S. 1349 – 113th) – cosponsor
7. Exam cycle (S. 1970 – 114th) – increase from $500 million to $1 billion the asset size of small insured depository institutions eligible for 18-month on-site examination cycles. Included in FAST Act.
8. Volcker exemption for small banks – sec. 115 of FRIA.

US Congress

All Congressional seats are up for election this cycle. Of the 18 Congressional seats in the Pennsylvania delegation, 13 are held by Republicans and 5 are held by Democrat members. There are two OPEN seats and five uncontested races. The race to watch this cycle is the 8th District, Mike Fitzpatrick’s retirement creates an open seat race in an unpredictable Presidential year.

District 1: Delaware, Philadelphia
* Robert A. Brady (D)
Deborah L. Williams (R) – General Election Challenger

District 2: Montgomery, Philadelphia
* Chaka Fattah (D)
Daniel R. Muroff (D) – Primary Election Challenger
Dwight Evans (D) – Primary Election Challenger
^ Brian Anthony Gordon (D) – Primary Election Challenger
James A. Jones (R) – General Election Challenger

The Democrat Primary winner will challenge James A. Jones in the General Election.

District 5: Cameron, Centre, Clarion, Clearfield, Clinton, Crawford, Elk, Erie, Forest, Huntingdon, Jefferson, McKean, Potter, Tioga, Venango, Warren
* Glenn William Thompson, Jr. (R)
Kerith Strano Taylor (D) – General Election Challenger

District 6: Berks, Chester, Lebanon, Montgomery
* Ryan A. Costello (R)
Michael D. Parrish (D) – Democrat Primary Contest
^ Lindy Li (D) – Democrat Primary Contest

The Democrat Primary winner will challenge Rep. Costello in the General Election

District 7: Berks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Montgomery
* Patrick L. Meehan (R)
Stanley Casacio (R) – Primary Election Challenger
Mary Ellen Balchunis (D) – Democrat Primary Contest
William Golderer (D) – Democrat Primary Contest

The Democrat Primary winner will challenge the Republican Primary winner in the General Election

District 8 – OPEN: Bucks, Montgomery
Brian K. Fitzpatrick (R) – Republican Primary Contest
Marcantony Duome (R) – Republican Primary Contest
Andrew Warren (R) – RepublicanPrimary Contest
Shaughnessy M. Naughton (D) – Democrat Primary Contest
Steven J. Santarsiero (D) – Democrat Primary Contest

The Democrat Primary winner will challenge the Republican Primary winner in the General Election

District 9: Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Fayette, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Huntingdon, Indiana, Somerset, Washington, Westmoreland
* William F. Shuster (R)
Arthur L. Halvorson (R) – Primary Election Challenger

District 11: Carbon, Columbia, Cumberland, Dauphin, Luzerne, Montour, Northumberland, Perry, Wyoming
* Lou Barletta (R)
Michael Paul Marsciano (D) – General Election Challenger

District 12: Allegheny, Beaver, Cambria, Lawrence, Somerset, Westmoreland
* Keith James Rothfus (R)
Steven B. Larchuk (D) – Democrat Primary Contest
^ Erin R. McClelland (D) – Democrat Primary Contest

The Democrat Primary winner will challenge Rep. Rothfus in the General Election

District 14: Allegheny, Westmoreland
* Michael F. Doyle, Jr. (D)
Janis C. Brooks (D) – Primary Election Challenger

District 15: Berks, Dauphin, Lebanon, Lehigh, Northampton
* Charles W. Dent (R)
Richard D. Daugherty (D) – General Election Challenger

District 16 – OPEN: Berks, Chester, Lancaster
Lloyd K. Smucker (R) – Republican Primary Contest
Chester Omar Beiler (R) – Republican Primary Contest
Christina M. Hartman (D) – Democrat Primary Contest
^ Gary Steven Wegman (D) – Democrat Primary Contest

The Democrat Primary winner will challenge the Republican Primary winner in the General Election

District 17: Carbon, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Northampton, Schuylkill
* Matthew Alton Cartwright (D)
Matthew Connolly (R) – Republican Primary Contest
Glenn A. Geisinger (R) – Republican Primary Contest

The Republican Primary winner will challenge Rep. Cartwright in the General Election

Uncontested Congressional Districts

District 3: Armstrong, Butler, Clarion, Crawford, Erie, Lawrence, Mercer
* George J. Kelly, Jr. (R)

District 4: Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, York
* Scott Perry (R)

District 10: Bradford, Juniata, Lackawanna, Lycoming, Mifflin, Monroe, Northumberland, Perry, Pike, Snyder, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga, Union, Wayne
* Tom Marino (R)

District 13: Montgomery, Philadelphia
* Brendan F. Boyle (D)

District 18: Allegheny, Greene, Washington, Westmoreland
* Timothy F. Murphy (R)

Key: * Notes incumbents | ^ Indicates individuals whose petitions have been challenged, but the outcome has yet to be determined by the court as of the printing of this issue

State Senate

The make-up of the State Senate is unlikely to change much this cycle, as voters’ budget outrage did not seem to translate into new candidates taking on the establishment. Only odd numbered districts are up this year, as even numbered districts will face re-election in 2018. As of press time, of the 25 seats up for re-election this year, only ten incumbents are facing Primary or General Election challengers. The four open seat challenges are largely due to retirements and those vacating their seats to run for higher office. Petition challenges are still underway, so some numbers may change.

Contested Democrat Seats

District 1: Philadelphia
* Larry M. Farnese, Jr. (D)
^ John H. Morely, Jr. (D) – Primary Challenger

District 5: Philadelphia
* John P. Sabatina, Jr. (D)
Kevin Boyle (D) – Primary Challenger
Ross Eric Feinberg (R) – General Challenger

District 11: Berks
* Judith L. Schwank (D)
Hunter Walker Ducheine (R) – General Challenger

District 15: Dauphin, Perry
* Robert F. Teplitz (D)
^ Alvin Q. Taylor (D) – Primary Election Challenger
Giovanni M. DiSanto (R) – Republican Primary Contest
Andrew James Lewis (R) – Republican Primary Contest

The Democrat Primary winner will challenge the Republican Primary winner in the General Election

District 17: Delaware, Montgomery
* Daylin B. Leach (D)
Brian Gondek (R) – General Election Challenger

District 19: Chester
* Andrew E. Dinniman (D)
Jack Samuel London (R) – General Challenger

District 35: Bedford, Cambria, Clearfield
* John N. Wozniak (D)
^ Gerald S. Carnicella (D) – Primary Election Challenger
Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R) – Republican Primary Contest
Dwight A. Winck, Jr. (R) – Republican Primary Contest

The Democrat Primary winner will challenge the Republican Primary winner in the General Election

District 49: Erie
* Sean Wiley (D)
Daniel J. Laughlin (R) – General Election Challenger


District 3: Philadelphia
Sharif T. Street (D)
^ DeShawnda Lenee Williams (D)

District 9: Chester, Delaware
Tom Killion (R)
Martin W. Molloy, II (D)

District 13: Lancaster
Scott F. Martin (R)
Ethan Demme (R)
Neal Rice (R)
Gregory Paulson (D)

District 31: Cumberland, York
Jon David Ritchie (R)
Michael Regan (R)
Brice David Arndt (R)
Scott Harper (R)

Contested Republican Seats

District 37: Allegheny, Washington
* Guy Reschenthaler (R)
^ Edward H. Eichenlaub (D) – General Election Challenger

District 41: Armstrong, Butler, Indiana, Westmoreland
* Donald C. White (R)
^ Anthony J. DeLoreto (D) – General Election Challenger

Key: * Notes incumbents | ^ Indicates individuals whose petitions have been challenged, but the outcome has yet to be determined by the court as of the printing of this issue

House of Representatives

The House saw historic gains in 2014, with the House Republicans enjoying their largest majority in state history. And then along came Governor Wolf and a messy, disappointing budget process with little hope for a remedy, striking fear in the hearts and minds of all incumbents.

However, the House, like the State Senate, saw no obvious flourish of challenges as a result of the state budget impasse. Similarly, it saw its normal round of retirements. The House currently sits at 119 Republican Members and 84 Democrat Members. All seats are up for election this year. There are 110 Republican incumbents with no Primary challenges and 73 Republican incumbents who are unopposed in the General Election. Likewise, of Democrat incumbents, 70 have no Primary opponents and 56 are unchallenged in the General Election. There are 15 open seats up for grabs.

As of press time, 3 new members-elect were elected in Special Elections held on March 15th: District 57 –Westmoreland: Republican, Eric Neilson; District 200 –Philadelphia: Democrat, Tonyelle Cook-Artis; District 192 –Philadelphia: Democrat, Lynwood Savage. Despite the outcome of these special elections, the candidates listed in their respective districts below must run again in the Primary and General Elections. Petition challenges are still underway, so some numbers may change.

Contested Democrat Seats

District 1: Erie
* Patrick J. Harkins (D)
William Crotty (R) – General Election Challenger

District 2: Erie
* Florindo Fabrizio (D)
Patrick Fuller (R) – Republican Primary Contest
Michael P. Pace (R) – Republican Primary Contest

The Republican Primary winner will challenge Rep. Fabrizio in the General Election

District 3: Erie
* Ryan A. Bizzarro (D)
Gregory S. Lucas (R) – General Election Challenger

District 10: Beaver, Butler, Lawrence
* Jaret A. Gibbons (D)
Aaron Joseph Bernstine (R) – Republican Primary Contest
Dawnlyn Teaford Valli (R) – Republican Primary Contest
Clifford D. Glovier (R) – Republican Primary Contest

The Republican Primary winner will challenge Rep. Gibbons in the General Election

District 19: Allegheny
*^ Jake Wheatley (D)
Jessica Z. Wolfe (D) – Primary Election Challenger
Ebony S. Taylor (D) – Primary Election Challenger

District 20: Allegheny
* Adam J. Ravenstahl (D)
^ Brian Weismantle (D) – Primary Election Challenger

District 24: Allegheny
* Edward C. Gainey (D)
William Anderson (D) – Primary Election Challenger
Todd Elliot Koger (D) – Primary Election Challenger

District 25: Allegheny
* Joseph F. Markosek (D)
John D. Ritter (R) – General Election Challenger

District 38: Allegheny
* William C. Kortz, II (D)
Rod A. Salka, Jr. (R) – General Election Challenger

District 50: Fayette, Greene, Washington
* Pamela Snyder (D)
Elizabeth L. Rohanna McClure (R) – General Election Challenger

District 51: Fayette, Somerset
* Timothy S. Mahoney (D)
Matthew David Downing (R) – General Election Challenger

District 55: Armstrong, Indiana, Westmoreland
* Joseph A. Petrarca (D)
Michael Mario Geiselhart (R) – General Election Challenger

District 70: Montgomery
* Matthew D. Bradford (D)
Charles E. Springer, Jr. (R) – General Election Challenger

District 71: Cambria, Somerset
* Bryan E. Barbin (D)
Mark Amsdell (R) – General Election Challenger

District 72: Cambria
* Frank Burns (D)
Martin J. Westrick (D) – Primary Election Challenger
Cecilia E. Houser (R) – General Election Challenger

District 76: Centre, Clinton
* Michael K. Hanna, Sr. (D)
Stephanie Paige Borowicz (R) – General Election Challenger

District 95: York
* Kevin J. Schreiber (D)
Joel L. Sears (R) – General Election Challenger

District 103: Dauphin
* Patty Kim (D)
Richard Soto (D) – Primary Election Challenger

District 112: Lackawanna
* Frank A. Farina (D)
Thomas J. Lukasewicz (D) – Primary Election Challenger
Kevin Haggerty (D) – Primary Election Challenger
Ernest D. Lemoncelli (R) – General Election Challenger

District 113: Lackawanna
* Martin B. Flynn, II (D)
David Andrew Burgerhoff (R) – General Election Candidate

District 114: Lackawanna
* George Michael Kavulich (D)
Cheryl Lynn Scandale-Murnin (R) – General Election Challenger

District 119: Luzerne
* Gerald J. Mullery (D)
Justin Valera Behrens (R) – General Election Challenger

District 127: Berks
* Thomas R. Caltagirone (D)
^ Mallory Burton Scott (D) – Primary Election Challenge

District 132: Lehigh
* Michael H. Schlossberg (D)
Benjamin B. Long (R) – General Election Challenger

District 133: Lehigh
* Daniel T. McNeill (D)
David Edgar Molony (R) – General Election Challenger

District 148: Montgomery
* Mary Josephine Daley (D)
Edward Flocco (R) – General Election Challenger

District 149: Montgomery
* Timothy P. Briggs (D)
Chachira Delphine Smith-Robinson (R) – General Election Challenger

District 153: Montgomery
* Madeline Dean Cunnane (D)
Anthony M. Scalfaro, III (R) – General Election Challenger

District 154: Montgomery
* Stephen C. McCarter (D)
Thomas G. Estilow (R) – General Election Challenger

District 164: Delaware
*^ Margo L. Davidson (D)
^ Sekela Coles (D) – Primary Election Challenger
Inderjit Singh Bains (R) – General Election Challenger

District 166: Delaware, Montgomery
* Gregory S. Vitali (D)
James J. Knapp, III (R) – General Election Challenger

District 172: Montgomery, Philadelphia
* Kevin J. Boyle (D)
James Vincent Pio, II (R) – General Election Challenger

District 175: Philadelphia
Michael H. O’Brien (D)
Sean R. Sullivan (R) – General Election Challenger

District 181: Philadelphia
* W. Curtis Thomas (D)
Kenneth T. Walker, Jr. (D) – Primary Election Challenger

District 182: Philadelphia
*^ Brian K. Sims (D)
Benjamin Robert Waxman (D) – Primary Election Challenger
Louis D. Lanni, Jr. (D) – Primary Election Challenger
^ Marni Jo Snyder (D) – Primary Election Challenger

District 186: Philadelphia
* Jordan A. Harris (D)
Nathan Chatmon (D) – Primary Election Challenger
Leonard Warren Bullard (D) – Primary Election Challenger

District 190: Philadelphia
* Vanessa L. Brown (D)
Theodore A. Smith (D) – Primary Election Challenger
Movita Johnson-Harrell (D) – Primary Election Challenger
Raymond H. Bailey (D) – Primary Election Challenger

District 192: Philadelphia
* Lynwood W. Savage (D)
Morgan B. Cephas (D) – Primary Election Challenger
Edwin Santana (D) – Primary Election Challenger
^ Jestine Johnson (D) – Primary Election Challenger
Steven Joes (D) – Primary Election Challenger

District 194: Montgomery, Philadelphia
* Pamela A. DeLisso (D)
Sean Patrick Stevens (D) – Primary Election Challenger
William Francis Pounds (R) – General Election Challenger

District 200: Philadelphia
* Tonyelle K. Cook Artis (D)
Latryse Y. McDowell (R) – General Election Challenger
Christopher M. Rabb (D) – Primary Election Challenger
Bobbie T. Curry (D) – Primary Election Challenger

District 202: Philadelphia
* Mark B. Cohen (D)
^ Jared G. Solomon (D) – Primary Election Challenger

OPEN Seats

District 31: Bucks
Ryan W. Gallagher (R)
Perry S. Warren, Jr. (D)

District 49: Fayette, Washington
Donald Cook (R)
Melanie S. Patterson (R)
Alan D. Benyak (D)
Donn R. Henderson (D)
Randy J. Barli (D)
Brendan Anthony Garay (D)
Robert Kepics (D)
Mark L. Alterici (D)

District 58: Westmoreland
Justin M. Walsh (R)
^ Charles MrLack, Jr. (D)
James John Manderino, III (D)
^ Robert A. McDonald (D)
Mary E. Popovich (D)

District 92: Cumberland, York
Dawn Wetzel Keefer (R)
Kraig William Bruder (R)
Anthony Pugliese (R)

District 101: Lebanon
Pier Noll Hess (R)
Jeffrey Griffith (R)
Francis Xavier Ryan (R)
John Allen Dissinger (R)
Lorraine Helen Scudder (D)

District 106: Dauphin
Thomas L. Mehaffie, III (R)
Jonathan David Keeler (R)

District 111: Susquehanna Wayne
Alan M. Hall (R)
Jerald M. Birmelin (R)
Jonathan A. Fritz (R)

District 150: Montgomery
Michael N. Corr (R)
Linda Weaver (D)
Steven Burda (D)

District 158: Chester
^ Leonard Rivera (R)
Susan F. Rzucidlo (D)

District 159: Delaware
Michael J. Ciach (R)
Brian Joseph Kirkland (D)

District 161: Delaware
Patti A. Rodgers Morrisette (R)
Leanne T. Krueger–Braneky (D)

District 165: Delaware
Alexander Tesla Charlton (R)
Elaine Paul Schaefer (D)

District 168: Chester
Christopher B. Quinn (R)
Diane C. Levy (D)

District 183: Lehigh, Northampton
Cynthia L. Miller (R)
^ Marc J. Grammes (R)
^ Zachary A. Mako (R)
Phillips M. Armstrong, Sr. (D)
^ Terri L. Powell (D)

District 195: Philadelphia
Jimmie Moore (D)
Donna Bullock (D)
^ Donnell Lamar Jones (D)
Jamar T. Izzard

Contested Republican Seats

District 6: Crawford, Erie
* Bradley T. Roae (R)
Lester L. Lenhart (R) – Primary Election Challenger
Peter Andrew Zimmer (D) – General Election Challenger

District 12: Butler
* Daryl D. Metcalfe (R)
Gordon L. Marburger (R) – Primary Election Challenger
Christian M. Reiger (D) – General Election Challenger

District 13: Chester, Lancaster
* John Adda Lawrence (R)
Nancy Dean (D) – General Election Challenger

District 15: Beaver, Washington
* James J. Christiana, III (R)
Dennis E. Nichols (D) – Democrat Primary Contest
Michael Rossi (D) – Democrat Primary Contest

The Democrat Primary winner will challenge Rep. Christiana in the General Election

District 17: Crawford, Erie, Lawrence, Mercer
* Parke H. Wentling (R)
Wayne E. Hanson (D) – General Election Challenger

District 37: Lancaster
* Melinda S. Fee (R)
Timothy Reedy (R) – Primary Election Challenger

District 39: Allegheny, Washington
* Richard Saccone (R)
Peter Thaddeus Kobylinski (D) – General Election Challenger

District 40: Allegheny, Washington
* John A. Maher (R)
Andrew Zahalsky (D) – General Election Challenger

District 41: Lancaster
* Brett R. Miller (R)
Nicholas F. Selch (D) – General Election Challenger

District 43: Lancaster
* Keith J. Greiner (R)
Steven Patrick Elliot (D) – General Election Challenger

District 46: Allegheny, Washington
* Jason Ortitay (R)
Joseph R. Szpara (D) – Democrat Primary Contest
Jesse J. White (D) – Democrat Primary Contest

The Democrat Primary winner will challenge Rep. Ortitay in the General Election

District 52: Fayette, Westmoreland
* Ryan James Warner (R)
James M. Mari (D)
Lloyd Allen Williams (D)

The Democrat Primary winner will challenge Rep. Warner in the General Election

District 57: Westmoreland
* Eric R. Nelson (R)
Linda L. Iezzi (D)

District 53: Montgomery
* Robert W. Godshall (R)
Leon Angelichio (D) – General Election Challenger

District 61: Montgomery
* Kate M. Harper (R)
Melissa Flowers (D) – General Election Challenger

District 62: Indiana
* David L. Reed (R)
Patrick S. Edwards (D) – General Election Challenger

District 65: Crawford, Forest, Warren
* Kathy L. Rapp (R)
^ Benjamin John Chase (D) – General Election Challenger

District 73: Cambria, Clearfield
* Thomas R. Sankey, III (R)
William Frederick Weaver (D) – General Election Challenger

District 74: Chester
* Harry Lewis, Jr. (R)
Joshua Maxwell (D) – General Election Challenger

District 75: Clearfield, Elk
* Matthew M. Gabler (R)
Jay Notarianni (D) – General Election Challenger

District 79: Blair
* John D. McGinnis (R)
^ Peter Nickolai Starr (R) – Primary Election Challenger

District 81: Centre, Huntingdon, Mifflin
* Richard S. Irvin (R)
Mary Ann Buckley (R) – Primary Election Challenger

District 87: Cumberland
* William Gregory Rothman (R)
^ Michael S. Travis (R) – Primary Election Challenger

District 88: Cumberland
* Sheryl M. Delozier (R)
Christopher M. Cowan (D) – General Election Challenger

District 89: Franklin
* Robert W. Kauffman (R)
Christine L. Tobert (D) – General Election Challenger

District 91: Adams
* Daniel P. Moul (R)
Denise L. Weldon-Siviy (D) – General Election Challenger

District 97: Lancaster
* Steven Curtis Mentzer (R)
Charles J. Klein (D) – General Election Challenger

District 100: Lancaster
* Bryan D. Cutler (R)
Dale Allen Hamby (D) – General Election Challenger

District 102: Lebanon
* Russ Diamond (R)
Thomas M. Houtz (R) – Primary Election Challenger
Jacob H. Long (D) – General Election Challenger

District 104: Dauphin, Lebanon
* Susan C. Helm (R)
Nathaniel Richard Curtis (R) – Primary Election Challenger
Jody L. Rebarchak (D) – General Election Challenger

District 107: Columbia, Montour, Northumberland
* Kurt A. Masser (R)
Michael L. Krankowski (D) – Democrat Primary Contest
Chris Pfaff (D) – Democrat Primary Contest

The Democrat Primary winner will challenge Rep. Masser in the General Election

District 116: Luzerne
* Tarah C. Toohil (R)
Gary Gregory (D) – General Election Challenger

District 120: Luzerne
* Aaron Kaufer (R)
Robert John McDonald (D) – General Election Challenger

District 122: Luzerne
*^ Doyle M. Heffley (R)
^ Neil Makhija (D) – General Election Challenger

District 131: Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton
* Justin J. Simmons (R)
William Joseph Coyle, Jr. (R) – Primary Election Challenger

District 143: Bucks
* Marguerite Corr Quinn (R)
Stephen Fager Kunkel (D) – General Election Challenger

District 145: Bucks
* Craig T. Staats (R)
Vera J. Cole (D) – General Election Challenger

District 146: Montgomery
* Thomas J. Quigley (R)
Joseph P. Ciresi (D) – General Election Challenger

District 147: Montgomery
* Marcy Toepel (R)
Rachel Lynn Hendricks (D) – General Election Challenger

District 151: Montgomery
* William Todd Stephens (R)
Jimmy J. Fagan, Jr. (D) – General Election Challenger

District 152: Montgomery, Philadelphia
* Thomas Paul Murt (R)
Albert J. Dermovsesian, Sr. (D) – General Election Challenger

District 155: Chester
* Rebecca P. Corbin (R)
James J. Burns (D) – General Election Challenger

District 156: Chester
* Daniel George Truitt, Sr. (R)
Carolyn T. Comitta (D) – General Election Challenger

District 157: Chester, Montgomery
* Warren E. Kampf (R)
Hans Walter Van Mol (D) – General Election Challenger

District 162: Delaware
* Nicholas Anthony Miccarelli (R)
James Frederick Butt (D) – General Election Challenger

District 163: Delaware
* James Santora (R)
Barbarann Keffer (D) – General Election Challenger

District 170: Philadelphia
* Martina A. White (R)
Matthew J. Darragh (D)

District 171: Centre, Mifflin
* Kerry Albert Benninghoff (R)
Melody S. Fleck (D) – General Election Challenger

District 177: Philadelphia
* John J. Taylor (R)
Joseph C. Hohenstein (D) – General Election Challenger

District 178: Bucks
* Scott Petri (R)
Neale Dougherty (D) – General Election Challenger

District 189: Monroe, Pike
* Rosemary Maula Brown (R)
Damary M. Bonilla-Rodriguez (D) – General Election Challenger

Key: * Notes incumbents | ^ Indicates individuals whose petitions have been challenged, but the outcome has yet to be determined by the court as of the printing of this issue