TAG Outreach Urgent; Contact Congress Today!

TAG Outreach Urgent; Contact Congress Today!


The US House and Senate reconvened this past Monday following an August recess with a busy schedule ahead of them. A six-month federal spending measure to keep the federal government running is expected to advance in the House this week that will not contain a temporary extension for the Transaction Account Guarantee (TAG) program.

This is due in part largely to some Congressional support for a “clean” bill that doesn’t contain riders with the legislation. ICBA had hoped to use this legislation as the vehicle to secure the extension that has enjoyed bi-partisan support in the Congress and has the backing of several industry advocates.

CALL and WRITE your Representative and Senators TODAY and urge them to extend full TAG coverage before they leave Washington.



PACB is encouraging all Community Banking advocates to contact their Representatives and Senators and let them know the importance of this extension. We must work together to ensure that community banks continue to play a strong role in supporting the local community!

Questions about why TAG should be extended? Check out the information provided by ICBA on why it is important.